Melbourne Policy Framework

The University of Melbourne governs its operations through government legislation and University statutes, regulations, policies and processes.

Policy Snapshots


The Policy Framework governs the development, amendment and review of policies to ensure the University meets its internal and external legal obligations and manages risk effectively. It defines roles and responsibilities relating to the development, establishment, amendment and review of policies at the University. Authorised University policies are published in the Melbourne Policy Library.

15 Jan 2015

New delegations framework

Delegations give continuing and fixed-term academic and professional staff authority to approve and execute a range of administrative functions. Most delegations relate to finance (e.g. approval of expenditure), signing of contracts (including research contracts) and employment (e.g. approving a leave request). Delegations have been simplified so that individuals can spend or approve up to the same dollar value across all of their delegations. View the new delegations framework documents.